Winter rental property maintenance checklist is all about preparing your rental property for the winter. If you are looking for some great hacks on preparing your rentals for fall and winter then we have got covered all the best possible measures that you need to do.

Any rental property you have in Maryland a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States must be prepared for the winter. The weather in winter in Maryland can be a serious threat to your rental property.

Strong winds, excessive rain, snowfall, and ice are expected here and can lead to a lot of problems and emergencies. The potential hazards of winter weather could effortlessly harm your rental property and cost you money if you don’t take care of it or don’t take the appropriate steps to protect it.

If your rental property in Maryland is left untreated during winter, you may experience a lot of serious problems like frozen pipes, blocked guttering, broken HVAC systems, mold growth, and animal infestation. Besides, it would be a big threat to the efficiency of your rentals.

You must know the fact that ill-prepared homes for winter are not preferred by the tenants. This is why the winter maintenance of the rental property in Maryland must be done on time.

In a nutshell, you must take proper steps to protect and winter-proof your Maryland rental homes.

If you take proper steps to protect your MD rental houses and properties in winter then you can keep everything running smoothly at your property.

How to Prepare Your Maryland Rental Properties for Winter (CHECKLIST)

We at Pioneer Enterprises, LLC, have prepared an ultimate winter maintenance checklist for Maryland homeowners (landlords), to help you protect your rental MD homes over the winter period. This ultimate winter checklist for property maintenance will help you protect your MD rental properties against a lot of potential winter hazards.

If you take proper measures to keep your MD homes well-prepared, you can keep your property safe for your renters.

Here is our “Winter Property Maintenance Checklist” that you can follow for the maintenance of your Maryland rental properties and homes.

Inspect Trees (Trim Bushes & Cut Back Trees)

Strong winds, snow, and ice can effortlessly bring down tree limbs onto your property’s roof or exterior. Entire trees may also fall on to the property’s exterior. And if it happens then it will create an extremely dangerous and expensive circumstance.

As a responsible landlord, you must take proper measures to protect your property and tenants as well. You are required to perform a thorough inspection of all trees, shrubs, and bushes around your rental property.

You must eliminate the trees that are rotted because they can easily come down due to a winter storm or heavy loads of snow and ice.

So, make sure to do proper landscaping around your rental property. Make sure that all trees and large bushes are trimmed and well-maintained. After doing proper landscaping around the property, don’t forget to remove debris and trimming hedges.

Consider Yard Maintenance

It is always a good idea to give a final lawn pruning before the winter arrives. Invest in a professional yard maintenance crew for the best lawn pruning.

Or, prompt your renter for the same if they are responsible for yard maintenance. Lawn pruning and removing remaining leaves & debris will improve your lawn health.

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That’s not all. It will also help you keep the neighborhoods’ gutter clean. Plus, it will improve the overall appearance of your MD property.

Built-up of matted leaves blocks sunlight, trap water and reduces water evaporation. This will cause fungus, mold, and diseases that can effortlessly damage the grass or wipe out the lawn over time. Hence, you must consider winter yard maintenance.

Clean Out the Gutters

Clogged gutters are a serious issue for many landlords in Maryland, especially in winter. Snow melting creates excess water. The clogged gutters could prevent the excess water of snow from melting. They may not be able to drain properly.

As a result, you may face leaking in gutters and waterspout. Due to leakage of gutters, your home’s exterior can be damaged. In severe cases, you may also see damage to the foundation of your rentals.

If you don’t take care of cleaning your gutters on time before the winter, it may be too late to solve the problem by the time you notice clogged gutters. So, make sure that your gutters are not clogged with leaves and other debris.

Before it starts snowing in Maryland, clean out the gutters on your property and remove any leaves, waste materials, or obstructions that could stop the flow and cause leaking.

It is advised to inspect and clean the gutters twice a year. If you do this, you will not face the problem. To minimize the maintenance costs and save your time, consider a guarded gutter system.

Inspect Home’s Exterior

Make sure that your rental property’s exterior is free from leaks, rot, or damage. It is one of the most important steps you need to do before winter comes.

Falling leaves and snow can conceal what problems are developing around your property exterior.

So, thoroughly check exterior overhangs, decks, patios, foundations, walkways, and entryways. Ensure that there are no leaks, cracking, rot, or damage around your property’s exterior.

Don’t forget the railings of your property’s exterior. They can also create a serious problem. Check them and make sure that they are able to bear loads of snow.

Plus, they can support someone who may accidentally slip in wet or snowy conditions. Also, you need to check your foundation for cracks and damages to reduce any risk of water damage.

One thing you also need to know that your property can be a great place for rodents in winter. Rodents cannot tolerate colder temperatures. Hence they look for a safe indoor place.

If you don’t take care of your property’s exterior then they may come into your home. Then they may cause a great deal of damage by destroying your expensive things.

Therefore, take proper care and maintenance of your property exterior before and during winter. Seal up any exterior points of entry so that rodents cannot come into your home.

Check the Roof of Your Property

One of the most important things you need to do as a part of the property’s exterior inspection is checking the roof of your MD rental home. The accumulation of snow and ice may add extra weight to a roof. If your roof is in poor condition and not well-maintained then it could collapse.

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This is why it is imperative to check the roof condition and resolved the issue quickly before winter reaches.

Before winter hits in Maryland, make sure that your rental property’s roof is strong enough to tolerate the extra weight of the accumulation of snow and ice.

Check for Cracks and Openings

Like rodents, there can be several other tiny creatures and pests that can enter your home in the winter because they cannot tolerate colder temperatures.

Hence, you must invest your time in checking for cracks and openings from outside and inside as well. Check for gaps around the pipe, entrance doors, or garage doors, and seal them properly so that tiny creatures can enter your property.

Winterize Outdoor Hookups

Outdoor hookups like sprinkler systems, garden hoses, and spigots can freeze and burst in winter. To make outdoor hookups and sprinkler systems, detach hose connections and spigots.

Drain all the water from the pipes and hoses. Turn the system off, cover spigots, and properly store the hoses. Make sure to do this task before winter hits.

Winterize Indoor Pipes

Just like the outdoor hookups and pipes, winterize the indoor pipes so that they cannot freeze and burst. Make a proper inspection of the pipes before winter and take necessary preventive measures.

Instruct your tenant and let them know how they can properly care for pipes in winter. If you have any exposed pipes then make sure to insulate them. Wrap them properly before it gets too cold.

Keep in mind, non-insulated pipes may quickly freeze and burst in cold temperatures that will cost you a lot. So, walk around your property and insulate faucets and pipes before winter comes.

Inspect HVAC System, Furnace & Large Appliances

During winter weather due to colder temperatures, your property’s water heaters, boilers, finance, and other large appliances work overtime. Having access to these heating systems in the winter is a basic right of all tenants according to landlord-tenant law.

Make sure the HVAC system is functioning fine and they don’t have any issues. Inspect the water heaters, boilers, furnaces, and other large appliances. Quickly resolve any issue or potential issue you find.

It is better to get serviced all heating systems and large appliances well before winter hits. In addition, remind your tenant about the proper way to change HVAC filters to improve overall efficiency.

Keep in mind, dirty filters may cause your HVAC system to function less efficiently. It may also reduce the overall life of the HVAC system. So, consider having your HVAC system, water heaters, boilers, furnace, and other large appliances serviced before the arrival of winter.

Check Seals on Windows, Doors, and Electrical Outlets

It is an obvious fact that drafty windows and doors can drive up your electrical or gas bill. In addition, non-insulated electrical outlets will also increase the heating bill.

Neither you nor your tenant will like this increase bill. So, it becomes imperative to check windows, doors, and electrical outlets before the arrival of winter.

You need to inspect both interior and exterior of all your windows and doors. Make sure there are no leaks and drafts. If you find leaks and drafts on your property’s doors and doors then make sure to seal them promptly.

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Check the door frames and joints too to identify the gaps and seal them. Consider adding door sweeps on the bottom of entrance doors or investing in installing a storm door or window to help keep outside weather does not enter your home.

In addition, seal the electrical outlets to block out the cold air. Install a foam outlet gasket for the same. 

Insulate Your Home

Make sure to insulate your home interior appropriately. Walkthrough the entire property and find your property’s interior seals on all windows and doors. If they are faulty fix the problem promptly by re-sealing them.

Make sure there are no rotten woods or broken seals as they can allow cool air or water entering into your property. Ensure your home is appropriately insulated and take the proper action needed.

Consider having enough insulation in your home interior in the attic, basements, crawl spaces, and other open areas. Proper action in insulating your home before winter will improve the overall efficiency of your HVAC system.

Make Plan for Snow Removal

Make the appropriate plan for removing the accumulation of snow and ice. One of the best ways to clear the snow accumulation is using salt over it. So, stock up enough salt for the entire season at the beginning of winter.

If your tenant is responsible for the removal of snow and ice then instruct them to do the same. It is imperative to clear the snow build-up onto your property as it can cause slips and falls that you cannot afford at all.

Clean and Inspect the Chimney

If your Maryland rental property has the amenity of a wood-burning fireplace then make sure to check the chimney before the arrival of winter or your tenants start building fires.

Hire professionals to inspect the chimney and clean it thoroughly. Make sure there are no blockages or obstructions in the chimney. Remove before your tenants start using the fireplace.

Final Thoughts

Maryland rental property maintenance especially in winter is a great deal of business in order to protect your valuable investment property against winter potential hazards.

It is likely that you cannot do the entire task of winter rental property maintenance on your own. You will need a network of trusted vendors for doing the core tasks.

If you are facing problems in winter rental properties in Maryland then you don’t need to worry at all. We at Pioneer Enterprise, LLC will provide you the best services for the same. We are a leading and trusted property management company in Maryland providing property management related services including property maintenance.

We have a network of trusted vendors and can provide you the needed property maintenance services at cheaper rates. Contact us today to learn more about our full range of property management services in Maryland and how we can save you a considerable amount of money.