John has been struggling quite a lot the past few months when he shifted to Baltimore for his studies. Handling studies with college life is like ‘woof’. It is hectic. First, for those who are new to becoming a renter thing are a bit confusing and hard to handle.

Being a landlord is hard but being a responsible tenant is even harder. Keeping tab of the budget, paying monthly rents on time, looking after the inventory, taking care of the property, things get tougher as it goes further down the road. If you are new here or finding it hard to juggle in between renting, working office hours, and handling household jobs you can take the help of technology.

It was good that John is tech-savvy and he found all the solutions to his problems online. He took out time, read a few blogs online on managing the property as a tenant. Voila! He got some very good apps that made things easier for him. If you want to know about them, read the piece.

5 technologies you can use to simplify your renting experience

Budgeting apps control your expenditure

Budgeting is the main problem when you are starting out new as a renter. The first few months you are busy spending too much and as the realization strikes you become responsible. Online, you will find several budgeting apps to help you with the tracking of your expenditure category-wise. These apps are very beneficial when it comes to showing you flags when you are overdoing your budget.

If you have an app of your bank, even they have this service for free. The app will block certain amounts and would allow you to use only the limited amount from your bank account. Many find it a problem to make monthly payments of the rent. These apps can make you save a couple of bucks and save you from spending it all. You can look for such apps online that are applicable in your area.

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The apps may cost you a minimal charge but the bank option is always free. Some other apps such as Mint, Home Budget with Sync are available online for you to download. If you are a spendthrift then these apps are a boon in disguise.

Use e-payment services to make rental payment easier

Do you want to know how some responsible people stay unworried about making rents timely? It’s simple, they use their brains.

Jokes apart, the days when you had to make rent payment face-to-face are gone. Today everything is modernized and digital. If you want to pay rent, just download an app and sync it with your bank. Set the date and reminder, and on the day of rental payment, the money will get automatically deducted from your account. It will get transferred to your landlord’s account. Just like that. How simple can things get?

eRentPayment, PayPal, or RentMatic are also some electronic payment service providers through which you can easily collect or send the rent. P-2-P apps like Zelle, and Venmo, allow you to digitally transfer money using a smartphone. Isn’t that great?

Credit check in an instant

When everything is getting done digitally then why not get an app to apply for credit. Getting a good place for renting is all about perfect timing. Even if you haven’t served the full term you can’t simply jump from the previous house to a new one. Until and unless you are in a good shape financially you won’t want to pay for the place until its lease expires.

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Apartment hunting apps are one of the popular ones when it comes to finding good renting places. You can put the name of the area where you are looking for the rental. Millions of searches will be automatically shown on your screen. You can choose any one site and browse through it slowly. You’ll find that there are some sites and apps that allow you to send the digital application along with a copy of the credit report to the property owner instantly.

Get renters insurance ASAP

Have you ever had a chat with an insurance broker? You’ll understand when you are told that it became so hard to select a policy from them. You will also come across stories about getting cheated on by some insurance agents. But when you have it all under your fingertips then why worry about it.

It is a good thing to get renters insurance and if you are looking for one, then you may want to shop for a policy online. From various brands to different types of insurances you can easily pick one that suits your budget. Renters insurance is very beneficial to help your recover financially if your stuff gets destroyed, damaged, or stolen. It even covers the personal liability if one gets hurt in your apartment. Want to check more about it? Then do so online.

Finding a mover is so easy online

When you are moving out of a place, it is then that you realize how many things you have in your house. There are so many of them, that you may initially think you’ll be able to do it but then end up hiring help. Moving out is something that will get you bored as soon as you think about how many things you need to shift.

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The best news is you can hire moving services through apps as well. Search for moving services in your area and then find a good one in your budget. Install their app and you can fix a date to shift your things. This way you won’t have to extend your lease period at all.

Final Say

Technology has made life easier as we get busy with our lives. Having someone to help you with important jobs can take a few loads off your shoulder. Property management companies in Baltimore can also be seen making their presence known online. For any kind of help, you can contact one easily.