Wish to get rid of your tenants? Thinking of ways and tricks to make them move out without actually evicting them? If yes then you are at the right page. This blog talks about the ways in which you can get rid of your tenant to leave your property without any difficulty. When tenants become infuriating or violate the rules of a rented stay, it is still easy to evict them as you have the reason to take strict action. On the other hand, the task of eviction becomes even tougher when your tenants are well-behaved and do not violate any rules. In such a situation, you will have to hunt for some other smart reasons to get them out of your property.Go through the following ways.

5 Top Ways To Get Rid Of Your Tenant Without Evicting Them

Increase the rent

When your tenants are not annoying you but you still need to get rid of them then raising the rent is the best option. What you can do is to raise the rent, so that they are unable to fulfill the raise rent demands and plan to leave. However, it is important to go through the state and local laws to know about the percent of rise that is considered legal. You must know that as a landlord, you cannot increase the rent more than what is considered legitimate. To add on, if your tenants are on a fixed term lease then you cannot raise the rent until the term is over.

Legal threat

A strict legal threat is something that might work for your tenants and make them evict the property. All you need to keep in mind is that the threat has to be within the legal limits. For this, you can reach an attorney or simply ask any of your friends in the legal field to prepare a threat/ menacing letter for your tenants. The letter should deliver the clear message of vacating the property else, the tenants will have to face dire consequences of the same. Also, when the tenant fails to pay the rent on time, you can then enforce the lease agreement.

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Non-renew lease

When the time of renewing the lease terms arrives, take a backseat. Yes, you don’t have to renew the lease term of your tenants, which in turn will push them to vacate your property. What you can do is just send a professionally written notice conveying that there lease will not be renewed anymore and they will have to leave the place. Also, the letter should be polite and you can even thank them for their stay and cooperation since long. Such polite notice might make them move without creating any mess.

Illegal activity trap

One of the tricks is to keep an eye on their activities and point it out. See, you just need a reason to vacate them. You can visit their house often for an inspection and see around with an eagle’s eye. When the tenants are at work, it would be the perfect time to visit and look or any illegal activity. Make sure you spy without crossing the privacy limits. Do not do anything that might make you fall in troubled waters.

Offer cash for keys

This trick might seem to be a bribe but it can definitely work. You must know that getting the menacing papers ready, double checking the landlord-tenant laws and making any other legal effort to get your tenants out can be highly time-consuming and cost you much. Also, it is not sure that whether these tricks will even work or not. However, offering cash to the tenants is more likely to get you the desired result of evicting the tenant. Who doesn’t like that extra cash? Everyone does.

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Some Important Don’ts

You must know that there are some rules and ethics that you should follow. True that you want to get rid of your tenant but never remove the tenant property. You should never change the locks of the property without notice and must never turn off the utilities in order to push your tenants to leave. In addition to this, some landlords use physical measures to remove the tenants. They harass the tenants and use power, so that they leave the house. Also, you should never blackmail the tenants in order to prevent any severe consequences for your own self. Using such violent methods can land you in legal troubles and even in jail.

If none of the above mentioned ways prove fruitful for you, you can then hire a property management company. Such companies have an experience of managing the property and also help in evicting the tenants in the legal way. You can hire the professionals after reading the customer testimonials of that company and acquiring all the necessary details. Once you have hired a property managers in Baltimore, all your tenant worries will go away.

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