Living in Baltimore, MD is the perfect experience for sure. This place is the economical hub for Maryland, a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.

You find everything here starting from the rich history, unique museum, the perfect neighborhood, and the best hospitals. There is no one who does not know about the John Hopkins Medicines and University of Maryland Medical Center and those both are situated in this city.

Also known as Charm City, Baltimore gives you many reasons to stay because the perfect balance can be found. The innovative economy will give you the reasons to shift here. If you think that is all, then it is not. You find many more in the list and here these are.

Things you should know before moving to Baltimore, MD

When you choose a city to move to, there are many things you look for and this is for sure that Baltimore fulfills the same.

Here you find the best job opportunities, the area to have a good time to spend and more. Here you find the homes for 2.7 million people and 23% population you find here.

At the same time, you should know that the young people between the ages of 25 years to 34 years have the interest to move here. You find one out of four at this age.

But still, some people are not sure this place is good for jobs and looking for answers about the best places to work in Baltimore, the Charm City. The age ratio tells you how good the job market is. When young people prefer the place to stay, then it means that jobs are there.

Actually, here you find many opportunities in healthcare, advanced manufacturing, medicine and biotech, and more. There are above 500 companies and Baltimore is home for those.

The big names like Constellation Energy, Black & Decker, and more you find here. So, don’t think much, this city is perfect in every aspect. You just make your plan and move.

5 Best places in Baltimore

Baltimore is the place where you get the best locations to stay in. You find the right amenities, perfect transportation, and each thing that you are looking for. The list of the best places to live in Baltimore Maryland is a big one and here you get to know about the same. 

1. Federal Hill

This is the place where you can witness the scenic beauty as well as the luxury homes, newly constructed townhomes, and more. This place is designated as a federal historic district and so you find here strict preservation and urban renewal requirements.

You find there most of the residences which have been rehabbed. If you are thinking about transportation, then you find here the facility of public transportation or can enjoy the drive in your own car every day. This is also known as one of the best places to live in Baltimore for young professionals.

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2. Fell’s point

Fell’s Point is the historical waterfront place and you can choose your new home here after moving to Baltimore. You can experience each thing that makes your life exciting and the best. The transportation from this city is also just awesome.

So, this makes your life better. This is known as the upscale residential area, so you don’t need to understand how this makes your life perfect. There is no doubt that these all make this one of the best places in Baltimore to live.

3. Mid-Town Belvedere

This is another place that you can select and experience the great life. Here you get the dense urban feel. Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and parks give you the perfect lifestyle that you are opting for. You find many young professionals here.

4. South Baltimore

This is another place that you may select. It is situated to the west of the neighborhood of Riverside and south of Federal Hill.

This place has Health Street Park and this is the landmark as well. Here you find many restaurants, pubs and other entertainment zones to relax and enjoy. In terms of transportation, this doesn’t disappoint you for sure. So, go for it and surely, this location will not disappoint you.

Cost of living

When you are thinking of moving to any place, you get to know about the expenses of life to make your stay here. When you choose this city, you find many best places to work in Baltimore, lively neighborhoods, and perfect experiences of life.

In terms of the city’s cost of living, then you find that this is 17% higher than the nation’s average. In terms of the housing market, you find it costlier and this is 47% higher than the nation’s average.

But if you take the property rent and that is one bedroom, then you find it lower than the national average.

The lifestyle you choose depends on your income. So, if you don’t find it comfortable to carry the rent, then you can go for the roommates and it is easier to get.

So, choose the things as per your salary and you find a comfortable life without any doubt.

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Things that make this city unique

You must appreciate the fact that every city has some uniqueness and when you think to move to Baltimore, you find many things in order to the same. Want to know about it, then these are:

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1. Artscape

If you have an interest in art, then this event is surely known to you. Actually, this free event has happened in Baltimore and here many people join as attendees and at the same time, people can relish the good local foods, beverages, live concerts, and more.

There are many things available for each person, even for family people. So, the people of this city have a grand time and this yearly event is something that is the reason for waiting.

2. Lexington market     

When you start searching for the best places to live in Baltimore MD, the thing you will get to know will be the Lexington market as this is one of the oldest markets. This is found first time in 1782 and this makes make it the oldest market in the U.S. as well.

When you walk through this market, you will witness the local flavors in each, where new innovations can be witnessed. The market is easily reachable and you can go there by walking or public transportation.

3. The fact of dropping

If you are perfectly following this city people, you find that these guys are fans of dropping T. Yes; they love to follow this trend. This style of approach makes them different, and they love to go with it.

6. Popular places to see in the Charm City

When you move to the city, you find many places here to explore and these things make your stay awesome in every fact. Your days will be worth visiting these places.   

1. National aquarium

This is the attraction for the people. When you visit the aquarium, you find this place holding more than 2,200,000 US gallons of water, and also it has more than 17,000 specimens representing over 750 species. Are you excited to know it? Surely, you will be. So, don’t forget to keep this on your list to do after moving here.

2. Fort McHenry

This fort is known for its role in the war of 1812. This historical background makes this fort popular to the people and a perfect place to go for sure.

3. Walters Art Museum

Walters Art Museum is a public art museum and it starts operational in 1934. Here you get to witness the statues of the stone and metal age. Here you can see the permanent and temporary exhibition both. Really, for art lovers, this is heaven.

4. The Maryland Zoo

This is situated in the 135-acre park located in historic Druid Hill Park and this is in the northwestern area of the City of Baltimore, Maryland. This Zoo is currently home to over 2,000 animals.

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5. The place for foodies

When your love is food, then this place is for you. Do you know about the crab cakes, pit beef, and burger cookies? If it is yes, then you must know that the best place to have it is Baltimore. If you don’t know about the same, then move to Baltimore and have it for enjoying the best meal.

The verities in eateries you find here make this place outstanding. You can find the option to listen to good music in these places and surely, you don’t experience anything the same in your life. These all give you a cool experience and enough reasons to move here for enjoying a good way of life.

6. Maryland Science Center

The modern Maryland Science Center makes this city more interesting and this has a planetarium. You find here different scientific displays and really, it attracts the young minds. But along with the same, for engaging the adult visitors, the museum will also have interesting things.

Adults can explore physics, space travel, and other subjects. Don’t ever forget to check the Dinosaur Mysteries exhibit. The interesting facts about the paleontologists can be explored here. In one word everything, you find makes your visit worth it without any doubt.

In Conclusion

Well, these are the facts that make Baltimore different and just awesome in every fact. So, if you are thinking of moving to this place, then it is for sure that this information helps you to make your mind.

There is no doubt that this city has everything to make your life the best. So, you just leave your worries behind, choose your location to stay, and start a life that will be a dream one, nothing to worry about the same.   

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