When it is time to leave your rental home, be certain to leave the home is good condition. Addressing the following steps will ensure you do not lose your security deposit or incur additional charges.

  • All move outs are scheduled one week ahead at a mutually agreeable time.
  • Have all carpeted areas professionally cleaned upon move out.
  • If you have used screws, nails, or, any hardware on the walls, please remove, patch and paint the walls to its original color.
  • Vacuum and clean all floors
  • Thoroughly clean all kitchen and all appliances, both externally and internally. Any parts of the appliances removed should be restored back to its original place.
  • Replace all burnt bulbs; smoke alarms should be in working condition
  • Exterior space is to be addressed appropriately, including mowing the lawn, disposing of any trash
  • All keys to the property, parking passes (if applicable),mailbox keys, garage door keys, garage door keys, and any other property belonging to the house should be returned to the property management company upon move out
  • Ensure all personal property is removed from the house prior to turning in the keys