Are you living in Severn and looking for tenants? Do you possess a number of properties? If yes then here is the time to invest in hiring a property management company. A reputed property management company like us will handle all your property related chores right from maintaining your property, getting the best tenants for you to taking care of it after the tenant has vacated it. We will assure you to provide quality services for Severn property management.

If you are wondering about what actually we do then below discussed are our responsibilities that you must know. Yes, whatever we have mentioned, we do every bit of it.

Available Property Management Services in Severn

  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Tenant Screening and Selection
  • Transparent Fee Structure
  • Marketing, Promotion and Advertisement
  • Tenant Management
  • Property Inspection
  • Lease Agreement
  • Fee / Rent Collection
  • Evictions & Move Out Inspections
  • Property Monitoring

Property Management Fees & Rates for Maryland

Pioneer Enterprises, LLC will assist you with all of your property management needs from A-Z for the following costs:

  • Leasing Fee: 100% of one month’s rent
  • Management Fee:
    • Up to 2 properties – 10% of Monthly Rent
    • 3 to 6 properties – 8% of Monthly Rent
    • 7+ properties – 7% of Monthly Rent
    • Apartment Management – $75.00

Our Responsibilities as a Property Management Company

Rent responsibilities

One of our major responsibilities is to set the rent of your property, in accordance with the running market rates. We will set the rent in a way that it neither proves to be a loss for you nor exceeds the budget of your tenants. We do this keeping in mind the location of your property and also take care of the collecting task. We collect the rent on time and follow tight rent collecting policies. Yes, we do enforce late fees when a tenant does not pay rent on time. With this, we also adjust the rent by increasing the rent by a fixed percentage and then decreasing it as and when needed. We do this according to the situation and need.

Tenant responsibility

We are talented in handling the tenant responsibility. Right from finding the tenants, screening, handling leases to handling move outs, we will handle it all. When it comes to the screening of the tenant applications, we do it highly thoroughly. We keep a strict check on the criminal background and how the tenant has been with the former landlord in the past. Only after gaining complete information and other details of the tenant, we will suggest you the same. Also, we set the lease term and ensure that all the clauses are met. Yes, we will also handle the complaints of the tenants related to maintenance, noises and lack of facilities. We are all ears to the issues of both the landlord and tenant.

Maintenance responsibility

We won’t let your tenants leave the property due to low maintenance of the property in which they are living. We will keep a proper maintenance check of your property by visiting it frequently and ensuring that it is clean and livable. Also, we try that your property doesn’t remain vacant for a longer period of time. We will keep your property appealing enough to attract the eyes of tenants.

Maintaining records

Yes, we are here to maintain the proper records of the tenants, rent and everything else related to it. This includes all the expenses and income, signed leases, handle complaints of the tenants, other repairs, insurance costs and others. Also, we are responsible for handling the taxes. We will guide you with the ways to file the taxes properly for your property.

Besides the above-mentioned responsibilities, we will help advise you on other property related issues as well. Whatever situation you might come across when it is about your property, we will provide you absolute assistance in and for everything. To reach us, you can simply contact us by sending an email, calling us or by directly reaching us at our Severn location. The moment you will reach us, we will listen to all your requirements and will then take the required action by providing you the needed services. It is certain that after you have approached us, you will not remain worried about your property anymore. Awaiting to serve you with our property management services in Severn!

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