Linthicum is situated in the north of Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport and is known as census-designate place. It is one of the developed communities in the United States and is a heartthrob among the residents. People prefer residing here due to fresh ambience, availability of facilities and pleasant weather. As a landlord, if you are also planning to keep a tenant, then you must seek for our assistance.

Landlord Solutions has been dealing in the respective industry since years and has today become popular due to its excellent services. We are known for maintaining the properties, getting the best tenants to the landlords and for handling even the minutest of the task related to the property management with utmost professionalism.

Property Management Services in Linthicum, Anne Arundel County

Maintenance & Repair, Tenant Screening and Selection, Transparent Fee Structure, Marketing, Promotion and Advertisement, Tenant Management, Property Inspection, Lease Agreement, Fee / Rent Collection, Evictions & Move Out Inspections, Property Monitoring

Property Management Fees & Rates for Maryland

Pioneer Enterprises, LLC will assist you with all of your property management needs from A-Z for the following costs:

  • Leasing Fee: 100% of one month’s rent
  • Management Fee:
    • Up to 2 properties – 10% of Monthly Rent
    • 3 to 6 properties – 8% of Monthly Rent
    • 7+ properties – 7% of Monthly Rent
    • Apartment Management – $75.00

If you are still wondering about reasons to hire us in Linthicum then you must go through the following-

Benefits & Reasons to Hire Linthicum Property Management Company

Better tenants

When you hire us, you can be assured of the high quality tenants. It is easy to get a bad tenant and then repent later. Since we have an experience of years, and we go through a hundred of tenant applications on daily basis, we know which ones are genuine and the ones that are to be rejected. We make sure that the tenants we provide you, do not have any criminal record in the past, pays rent on time, retain for a longer period of time and cause the least problems. We have the expertise in screening the applications thoroughly and then get you the best tenants. We will save you from all types of lawsuits and legal issues that a tenant might cause.

Shorter vacancy

Has your tenant left your property? Looking for a new tenant? If yes then here we are to help you out. We will make sure that your property doesn’t remain vacant for a longer period of time. After one tenant has left it, we will maintain the property to bring it back to the perfect condition and will then hunt for the best tenant for your property. Also, we will determine the rent for your property, keeping in mind the size of the property and its location. We will ensure that you do not have to incur any loss by keeping a tenant who pays less than the current market rates. You can rely on us when it comes to determining the rent rate.

Retain tenants

We will make every possible endeavor to retain your tenant. We have experience in high tenant turnover rate, which we do by keeping the property entirely clean, painting the flaky walls, changing the locks on time to ensure the proper security of the house, getting the repairs of taps and other household things on time, and other required tasks. In addition to this, we also do proper marketing, advertising and screening of your property. No doubt, it is a highly a time consuming job but we leave no stone unturned to retain your tenants for long. Another advantage of hiring us in Linthicum is that we have time-tested retention policy.

Timely rent collection

We have a tighter rent collection process, wherein we makes sure that the tenant pays the rent on time. Many a times, tenants do not pay rent on time and delay it a lot. We can really help you in this regard with our timely rent collection policy. Also, we handle evictions, in case such the situation has risen. You must know that it would be challenging for you to handle evictions, which means that you would require the assistance of a professional property management company in Linthicum. We will take care of all the laws and will save you from all the lawsuits and other legal issues.

Therefore, if you are looking for one such professional property management company in Linthicum then here we are to assist you completely. Our team has experience of decades in handling the different tasks of property management and that they are skilled in listening to the queries of the clients with patience and rendering the best possible solution.

Thus, you must reach in Linthicum and exploit the benefits of your property to the fullest. It is time to make profits and trust us. We are just a call away from you!

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