Know Your Rights as a Tenant

When you will apply to rent a unit you will have to go through a tenant screening process. You will have to in fact so many properties to get the house which is best for you. Well, choosing a rental property in Maryland is not easy for a renter. Similarly, hiring a quality tenant is not easy by a landlord.

To ensure he is hiring the best and quality tenant for his rental property, a landlord do proper tenant screening process. If you are selected then, the landlord will ask you to sign a lease which is actually legal. Signing the lease or rental agreement means you are ready for the terms and conditions. After signing the rental agreement you get the right to occupy the space in landlord’s rental property and landlord gets certain rights too. The landlord must know about his rights and being a renter or tenant you must know about your rights a a tenant.

So, if you are occupying space in a rental property in Maryland then, here are list of your rights as tenant that you must know about.

Know Your Rights as a Tenant

Habitation Rights at Home

One of your important rights as a tenant is to a habitable home. This means that the home must be safe enough to live in. Just because the landlord will not live in that house doesn’t mean that he will not take care of the property or keep it clean and safe from pest infestation. He must make any necessary repairs to keep the unit in good condition while you are living there.

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Tenants Privacy

An important component of legal rights of tenants is right of privacy. The landlord has no right to enter in your premises without giving you a prior notice. He must inform you that when he wants to visit . If he wants to come then, he must give you a notice which will give the details like the date and time of his arrival. In case of repairs or some emergency case the landlord may not be able to inform you. But when he come to show his property when you move or just to inspect the property then, he must have to give a prior notice to you.

Eviction Issues

Landlord tenant law allows your landlord to evict you if you will break the lease means if you break the promises you made in the lease then, the landlord has the full right to evict you. If you fail to pay the rent, living with another member or pets in the property which are not allowed under your lease, or if you commit any crime in the premises then, the landlord will give you a notice to pay the rent on time and fix whatever you have done. And if you don’t do so then, the landlord can file eviction proceeding in the court.

You will then receive a notice to present in the court. You will get the chance to give your answer and if your landlord will succeed then, you will have to pay back the rent and also a writ will be issued for your removal from the unit.

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Getting in the Door

If you have applied to rent a unit then, you can never be rejected on  the basis of your cast, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, mental or physical disability as per Federal Fair Housing Act. The landlord will conduct a tenant screening process under which he will do his own research to know more about the tenants. If your application will be rejected then, the reason should not be against the law. This will be based on your credit check, etc. Well, you can ask the landlord making a request in writing to know what the negative information was.

Animals and Pets

Well, tenants don’t have the right to keep pets in a rental property. It is because many landlords don’t like pets as they damage their properties. But sometimes the tenants may get permission to have pets in the premises by the landlord mentioning it on the lease agreement. But the landlord can charge an additional fee or ‘pet deposit’ if the tenants wants to keep their pets with them in the property.

As a renter you may have many rights. But the above-mentioned are the rights that you must know about. Educating yourself and knowing your right allows you to be prepared. So that you make good decision in case any problems occurred in future.

Always remember that a property management company in Maryland or property manager in Baltimore is there to help the landlords. They are well aware of the landlord tenants laws and other. But, you are the one the one who can help you. So, you must know all your rights as a tenant to live peacefully in a rental property. Then you can be prepared for any potential problem that could occur.

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