Perhaps, it is not easy to be a landlord. There are many struggles that you fight each day and a hundred of tenant-tensions especially when it is about evicting the tenants. It’s true that you own your property but you cannot deny the fact that you can’t evict tenants as per your wish. There are particular reasons and situations in which you have the right to remove the tenants from your rental property. This blog discusses some of the prominent situations or lawful reasons for the landlords to push out their tenants. Read the blog further-

understanding the tenant eviction situations

Situations in which tenants can be evicted

Landlord can evict Tenants _ Pay Rent on TimeRent not paid

If tenants fail to pay rent on time that too for consecutive few months then the landlord has full rights to evict them. The duration of unpaid rent depends upon the terms of the rental agreement and further action will be taken according to that only. If you are a tenant then you should keep a check on the terms & conditions and read it all thoroughly. It is better to pay rent on time that to be evicted from the rental house.

Illegal use of rental propertyLandlord can evict Tenants _ Illegal use of rental property

If the tenants are using the property in an illegal way then they can definitely be removed from the rental house. As a tenant, you must be aware that the home you have rented is for residential purpose only and you cannot use it for the commercial purpose. If you are using it then a legal action can be taken against you for breaching the laws of the rental agreement.

Safety violations

The tenants who violate the health or safety laws are evicted right away from the property. If the violation is severe and cannot be remedied while the tenants are staying at the rental home then they can be evicted at any point of time.

Landlord can evict Tenants _ Owner moving inOwner moving in

As the owner of the property, if you wish to move into your property and reside there then you can always give your tenants an eviction notice. Many a times, landlords have urgent requirement of a property for their loved ones and they file to remove the current tenant. If you are in the same situation then you have the option to evict tenants and stay there.

Refusal to pay increased rent

In almost all the states, the landlord holds the right to increase the rent once in a year. And if the tenants refuse the pay the increased amount then the landlord can either take action against the tenants or can evict them in case, the situation has worsened.

Landlord can evict Tenants _ Violating pet policyViolating pet policy

The landlord has the full right to evict the tenants if they violate the pet policy. For instance, the rental agreement does not allow the tenants to keep a pet and if you find them keeping a 100 pound pet in the rental unit then say goodbye to them.

Unnamed tenants residing

As a tenant, you must know that you need to mention the names of all the members who are going to reside in the rental property. However, if the landlord finds out that other than the mentioned names, if anybody else is residing in the rental unit then the tenants can be evicted right away.

On the other hand, landlords also hold the duty of informing the tenants about eviction well in advance. They should send a ‘pay rent or quit notice’, in case of non-payment of rent by the tenants. This gives tenants an option to either pay the full rent or leave the rental unit. In case of violation of terms and rules, the landlord can send the ‘cure or quit notice’. This notice will make the tenants to either rectify the violation or face the eviction lawsuit if they are unable to do that. Besides these two notices, a landlord can also bring ‘unconditional quit notices ’ in power.

This is the harshest of all and pushes the tenants to leave the property at the soonest. This is used only when the earlier warning given to the tenants have failed and that they haven’t ceased to violate the rental agreement. All such notices must be sent at least 30 days prior to the eviction. The tenants must be given a time period of 30 days minimum and can extend to 60 days and 84 days.

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Situations a Landlord can evict Tenants