Handle Squatters in Maryland Rental Property

Your property is vacant for a long and when you give your visit, you feel the presence of squatters, then it will be a knock of danger to your investment. Surely, you don’t want to face any risk, so taking steps against the same immediately can save your property. If you are the one who is thinking that the squatters are not getting the entry lawfully, so they have no legal rights, then you are wrong. The squatters have their own right. So, for having safety and that to be from this problem, you need to understand the right ways to make your property protected as well as yourself. Want the help, then you just read the below article. Here, we discuss how to handle and avoid squatters in your rental property.

What is a squatter?

Many people think that the person who breaks the door and starts staying at your property without having permission can be only called a squatter, then you are wrong. Actually, there are many situations where you find that people are staying at the property illegally. So, anyone who stays at a property without having permission will be a squatter. You want to know more about them, then the examples of the same are:

  • When the person takes the entry to the property unlawfully by breaking the locks and occupies the resident.
  • A tenant, who starts staying at the property lawfully but now stops paying the rent, is a squatter.
  • The person starts staying there after getting the approval from the scammer and paying the rent to the person.

Are trespassers and squatters the same?

Are trespassers and squatters the same

Actually, the trespassers and squatters are different; not the same but both take the entrance to the property unlawfully. Let’s know them well.


When the people take the entry to your property unlawfully and start staying there but you can have only the option to evict them through civil court, then they are squatters, not trespassers.


Trespassers are the people who move into the property unlawfully same as squatters but when you can give criminal charges on them, then they are trespassers. 

How can you as the landlord prevent squatters?

Purchasing the property needs lots of your hard money. So, in any situation, you can’t leave your property without doing regular inspections and more. You need to be protective of it. The ways of taking the right prevention are not clear to you, then you get to know about the same from the below description. Also, you should remember the fact that these steps can be taken anytime but when your property is vacant for long days, then these are especially vital.

  • You can have the neighbor or property managers in Baltimore who is reliable to do the inspection of the property regularly.
  • Don’t even accept the applications with poor rental histories.
  • You can do the right marketing of the property so that you can reach the potential renters and your property gets the best people. When you are able to make it done rightly, then there will be no other issues for sure.
  • Making your property protected is the need and for the same, you can install the security system. So, you just do it right and get the prevention of the situation automatically.
  • Give attention to every single that indicates the property may have an unauthorized guest. Give yourself time to understand the same, so that you can prevent it from any unwanted situation.
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What are squatters’ rights?

squatters’ rights

It is for sure that this is hard to believe that the person takes the possession unlawfully, can get the authorization to stay as the owner but in reality, this is the truth. If you are searching about the squatters rights Maryland law to know, then you find that after staying a particular tenure, the property becomes their own as the part of Adverse Possession and the person invests in it, can’t have any right. 

You are not sure about the laws of Adverse Possession in Maryland, then you must know that when a person manages to stay there at least for 20 years continuously without taking the permission of the owner or not getting an eviction notice, then the person can make an adverse possession claim.

What should you do after discovering squatters?

When you find squatters in your property, you must think about how to handle squatters and at the same time, if you think to throw their belonging to throw out from your property, then it will never be a good thing to process it on your own. It can lead you to legal issues. So, to handle this situation rightly, you may take the below steps:

Things to do after discovering squatters

Contact the police

When you feel the existence of someone who lives at your property, then you should call the police immediately to get the confirmation, he or she is a trespasser or a squatter. Trusting the local laws will be a way to get rid of the situation. If the authorized person finds the person trespasser, then immediately removes the person from your property. But when the team finds the person is a squatter, then he or she tells you what you should do in this situation for getting him or her out of your property.

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Providing eviction notice

When squatters are there, then you need to be quick to give them the proper notice of eviction. There are Squatters Rights and you can’t take this situation lightly. When you give the eviction notice, then you may find them to move out. But it can be also possible that you can’t find such a movement, but still, you start something that will help you to manage this difficult situation.

File a civil claim

The process to file a civil claim will not be the same in location. So, where you are, you should start researching for that particular place and know the rules to process further. But for all the places, it is common to attend a hearing for the eviction.

Authorities process to evict squatters

When you go to court and win there, then the authorized team will process the eviction. In this, you may spend your money but when it is done in the right way, so nothing can be safer than this.

What are the things to avoid when evicting squatters?

You don’t even think to take the below steps:

  • You are processing the eviction of the squatters after having the judgment, then also you should hold yourself from doing anything wrong by throwing the items out from the home and more. There will be a fixed time frame that squatters receive for making the shifting done. So, don’t be impatient and don’t take the steps like throwing out the same.
  • You should not even think to change the locks, shutting the supplies of water, gas, and more because it can be the reason for what you have to pay the hefty court fines.

Why is it needed to deal with the squatters immediately?

As you have the information about the squatters rights Maryland then you must understand that the problems you may with your investment when you find squatters are there. So, you just need to be quick to process the eviction. If you can’t make it done immediately, then you can face the issues, mentioned below:

  • The damages of the property can be more if the squatters stay there for a long and that to be for the lacking of fundamental care and more.
  • If the tenants stay there for a long without paying the rent, then it means that you are not having the income from the property and this will never be a thing that any landlord is happy with. Also, after leaving the property, it can be possible that you can’t make that rented out because repairing is needed. It means that you need to compromise with your rental income and if you don’t process the vacating of the property immediately, then the loss will be more.
  • When the landlord is dealing with the squatters, then court fees, not getting the rent, and more issues he or she faces and this will never be a comfortable situation. So, doing the process immediately will help you in this situation without any doubt.
  • If somehow the squatters manage to stay longer, then the claim of Adverse Possession in Maryland can be there, and then the loss, one investor will face that can’t be okay for anyone. So, don’t just wait for the bitter situation, deal with the squatters immediately.
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Now, you have the information about the risk of discovering the squatters in your rental unit and how dangerous that will be. Also, you get to know about the importance of handling the situation rightly and that to be at the right time. So, you just follow the tips for handling the situation, the ways to avoid their entry to your property for avoiding the problem. You can also take the path of filling the vacancy with the right tenant and this is also a defensive way to get rid of this problem. All the best!