Check on this ultimate guide on “Handling Landlord Tenant Dispute”.

Becoming the landlord is not always a cakewalk. You may face different ups and downs. So, it will be always good to be ready for the wrong one.

If you are thinking of what problem you may face, then the first answer that probably comes to your mind will be conflicts with the renters.

Really, this is a major problem. Are you worried after knowing the same? Don’t be, actually, some simple steps help you to handle the situation.

Here we describe about the things that you should follow and can handle the situation.

Top 6 Reasons for Tenant Landlord Dispute

The conflict between the tenant and landlord can happen for various reasons and the most common issues for the same are below:

1. Wear and tear vs. damage

If the problem is normal wear and tear to the property, then your landlord can’t take the price for it. But when it will be major damages and this is done by the renters, then the owner has the right to deduct the amount from the security deposit.

From here, the problem starts. There is a thin line between the two and it can be possible that this creates confusion and conflicts as each one thinks that he or she is right.

2. Not paying the rent

If the renter is not paying the rent and that is no time, then obviously it creates conflicts. There are many expenses that need to carry and payment needs to make on the right day, no one can avoid the same. Obviously, this creates issues and this can be the reason for major issues.

3. Maintenance of the property

It is true that the landlord is committed to providing the right habitat. At the same time, the renters have some duties towards it.

The daily cleaning and more will be done by the tenants and if that is missed, then obviously, it will be the reason for tenant landlord conflicts.

At the same time, when renters leave the home, they need to keep that clean as the way they had it. If anything is missed, then the problem starts here, and really it gives challenges.

At the same time, if the landlord just deducts the amount of cleaning from the security deposits, then this can be a problem for the tenants and they can create issues. Obviously, handling the situation will not be easier.

4. Subletting

When the contract is made between the two of you, it states the entire thing rightly. Subletting is something that is not allowed in most of the properties.

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If you as the owner can’t include the clause, then there are no issues. But when you add that but you find that the renters allow the subletting, then how you react.

Surely, you will not be comfortable with it and take steps against it. Obviously, it gives the reasons for conflict and this is the most common problem for sure.

5. Not giving permission for inspection

The property needs taking care of and how it handles that should be known by doing the inspection. At the same time, the renters need privacy and you have to appreciate the same.

So, you can’t take the entry just going there. You need to take permission in advance.

It can be possible that the day you want to go, they can be busy but if it continues for many days, then this can’t be taken easily and this creates conflicts.

6. Giving calls without reasons

An emergency is a situation that should be handled immediately. But if the renters call at night for complaining about a minor issue, then it starts creating problems.

It can be possible that which one you think minor, the renters think it major. Seriously, this gives enough reasons for conflict.

So, understanding this line is highly appreciated, otherwise, it will be really a problem.

4 Necessary Steps to Take to Avoid Litigation

1. Be knowledgeable to avoid the situation of a lawsuit

Law is made to give protection and if you don’t know the same, then there is no doubt that it creates issues.

So, when you think that you will become the perfect landlord, you need to be aware of the laws and you have to be sure that your tenants are aware of the same.

Otherwise, erasing the tenant landlord conflict will be impossible. Also, getting knowledge about the changes should be important.

When you have the perfect information, then there is no chance of conflict because explaining the facts and showing the logic in support of that will be easier for you.

So, you just need to have the information and resolve things accordingly. Surely, this makes you a better landlord.

2. Do the communication

Talking is a great way to get the solution to any problem. Assumption can be right and it can be wrong too.

When you have confusion about anything and get the clearance you may find that the situation is not the same that you have thought. The same thing applies to all.

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So, at the time, you find that there is a chance of conflict; you just take your steps ahead and talk about the same.

This approach of yours will surely help you to get the solutions. You may find that the issues are just vanishing.

3. Keep the temper cool

Your calmness gives solutions to many issues. So, you need to be calm, no matter what the situation is. It is true that your home is your investment and in any situation, if you find arrogance becomes the reason for damages in that, then it is natural that you will lose your temperament.

But don’t be involved in arguments and keep calm to resolve it in a comfortable manner.

4. Sit for discussing more

There is no problem that can’t be resolved by discussion and the landlord tenant dispute is not an exception to it.

So, after doing everything, if the confusion remains the same, then you have to sit and discuss for more.

Give the space to your tenants for expressing their issues and take your time to explain your sides. This way, you may find that the issues are handled rightly.

Tips on Resolving the Issues Out of the Court

You can’t get the solution to the landlord tenant conflict by talking, then also, there are still ways for you before going to the court. Want to know about such a few options? Then these are:

1. You can think to hire a mediator who can help you to build a bridge between landlord and tenant.

This way, things can be easier between the two of you. If you are thinking about the charges, then you get free services. 

2. If you are not comfortable to hire the mediator, then you can take the help of a third party who knows both of you well and the issues too.

The discussion through the person can resolve the problem and you find that the decision can be acceptable by both of you.

3. You are not comfortable with both ways, then you can simply request the court to engage an arbitrator or a local commissioner for analyzing the issues and help both of you to resolve the issues.

In this case, you need to remember that if you think that there is any wrong involvement of yours in this conflict, then avoid taking this step because it can go against you.

Tips to Handle the Situation If Dispute Goes to Court

After taking the steps, if you still find that there is no result, then the only option you have here will be going to court. The steps you need to take here will be:

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1. This is true that the tenant dispute with the landlord gets the right solution when you go to the court.

All you need to do, just contact the local court hire a lawyer for knowing the process of how you go further for having freedom from the issues like these.

2. After hiring the lawyer, he or she will be the person who can guide you on how you can take your steps.

You need to trust them and find the right solutions that will come to you with the time, don’t worry about it.

There is no doubt that taking this step is smarter.

3. When you move to the court, you may need to face the small court and the cost of it will be lower than the civil court.

So, prefer the same, and the resolution you will get that will be quicker for sure than civil courts.

4. If the resolution is still not there, then you have to be prepared to take the tenant to the criminal or civil court.

When you do the process for it, you need or be sure that the right support from the lawyer you get because a weaker step can go against you.

At the same time, you should have all the papers because if these are not there properly, then the suffering will be yours and you can face other circumstances.

So, keep these things in mind, process them rightly, and have the right documents.

Final Words

Well, these are the steps that you can take to handle the tenant-landlord dispute. Surely, these ways give you the relaxation from the issues and everything will be just perfect, don’t worry about the same.

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