House Rules that Every Landlord Should Explain to Tenants

Is there anyone who would like to damage his own property? Of course not, but when a person hire tenants for his rental property then there are chances that he will met the bad tenants who damage or break their properties. Even at some point the good tenants even take advantage of your friendly behavior and leave you regretting on your decision. Soon you will be realizing that things are getting out of your control. One by one the tenants will start breaking the rules and also pay late rent which will leave no option for you than evicting them. That’s why it is very important to explain the detailed house rules to the tenants by the landlord every time they move in to the property.

Here are the important detailed house rules that you should explain to your tenants as the landlord and ask them to strictly follow it:

Late rent

You should explain the rules for paying the rent and also the details for the late rent pay. You should tell them the due date or how much extra days they can get for paying the rent. Will you charge extra fee for late rent or What you can do as the landlord if the tenants will not pay the rent on time.

Your right of entry

Another most important rules you should be discussed with your tenants is your right of entry in the property as a landlord. How and under what circumstances you will be allowed to enter the property? In most of the cases you will need to give notice or warning to the renters about your arrival.

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Pet policy

If you don’t allow pets inside your rental property then, you must discuss about it before the tenants move into the property. Discuss the details about it whether the pets are allowed outside the house or what type of pets are prohibited, etc.

Garbage removal

This may seems a minor issue but can be turned into major problem. If your tenants will not remove garbage on time then this can be problem for you as well as for your neighbors also. Clearly explain them when the garbage should be removed.

Explaining the house rules to your tenants will help you to manage your property. Encourage them to ask questions and make sure they understand such details. Do not forget to make a rental agreement for this which will include all these house rules for the tenants as well as for you as the landlord. And if you think managing your Maryland rental property is difficult for you so you can hire property management company in Maryland to manage your property in best way.