Are You Aware of Your Responsibilities as a Landlord

A landlord has both pecuniary and non- pecuniary gains. Being a landlord doesn’t mean you only have to collect money (rent) from your tenant. There are numerous responsibilities that you have to take on and do in an efficient manner. As a landlord you must be aware of what responsibilities you have. It is vital not only for a landlord but also for a tenant. A tenant also ought to know a landlord’s responsibilities for happy tenant-landlord relationship. Are you aware of your responsibilities as a landlord?

So what are the responsibilities of landlords?

Repair & maintenance work required for rental properties, safety obligations, legal paperwork, and protecting own rights to the property are some key responsibilities of a landlord. Let’s understand key responsibilities of a landlord in details.

Repair & Maintenance Responsibilities

Repair & maintenance works required for rental properties must be notified immediately by the tenant to the landlord. It is best to provide a written application of the problems and repair works required and give it to the landlord or the assigned property manager or the person who comes and collects the rent. Hence, it is not only a responsibility of the landlord but also for the tenant. If a tenant won’t tell, how the problems will eradicated by the landlord on immediate basis.

  • Legally the landlords are responsible to fix major problems such as leaking, damages in roofs, floor damages, problems in staircases, not working electrical equipment, and problems in plumbing system, etc. If you are a tenant, you must notify these problems to the landlord. Being a law abiding citizen, the landlord will solve the problems as soon as possible. If the issues are not resolved in committed time frame, a tenant can go legally.
  • If the any damage to the property is caused by the tenant’s fault & carelessness then it is solely his/her responsibility to repair it. The landlord may do the work but will send the bill of repair cost. It is the right of the landlord to deduct the cost from the security deposit, if the tenant can’t pay it.
  • Leaky faucets, old paints, torn screens, or worn flooring are some minor issues most tenants face. However, these minor issues should be resolved by tenants themselves, they can request the landlord to do the repair and maintenance work.
  • It becomes mandatory to do resolve these issues for the landlord if these issues are already present at the property before rented out. There are several other minor issues with the rental property which have to be managed by the tenants themselves.
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Safety Responsibilities

A landlord also has certain safety obligations such as electrical safety, gas safety, and fire safety.

  • It is responsibility of the landlord to ensure proper electrical installations such as wiring, plug sockets, and light fittings are safe.
  • He/she also make sure that these electrical installations are regularly checked and maintained.

Legal Responsibilities

Landlords must know their legal rights and responsibilities towards their tenants and their property. Here are some legal rights of landlords.

  • Repair and maintenance of the rental properties as per the lease agreement.
  • Regular inspection of the property to known the problems or ensure everything is fine.
  • Ensure electrical installations are safe and working fine on regular basis.
  • Ensure safety to the premises and tenants, electrical safety and fire safety.
  • Provide adequate locks & keys of the apartment.
  • May have the right to enter the rented out property, as per as contract.
  • Enter the property to collect rent or make repair works.
  • Ensure cleanliness of the property, make sure the property is completely clean & safe from insects, rodents and lizards before the tenant move in.
  • The property manager or property management company have the similar rights & responsibilities. Because they work on behalf of the landlord.

A landlord never should lease his/her property without conducting tenant screening session. If you are a landlord and you think these responsibilities as burden then you might take help of professional property management companies in Maryland. There are numerous property management companies in Baltimore or Maryland that can offer you complete property management solution for your residential rental properties in Maryland.

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