I have been with this company over 6 years. No company is perfect but this company is great. Their management team and the staff are fantastic, friendly, professional and the company has impeccable service and reputation of oh being straightforward with you on all situations. I trust this company because they do their best to provide a great service for the landlord and the tenant.

I highly recommend this company if you are a landlord or tenant looking for a place to rent, to live or to purchase.

Sandra F.

Pioneer Enterprises has been my property manager for over five years. During that timeframe there have had multiple renters; any issues were immediately addressed and corrected. Any maintenance on the property is handle in a timely and cost effectively; rent is always deposited in a timely manner. As the owner. I have never had to interact with the renters per my request. I have input on who will rent the property. My relationship with Pioneer Enterprises staff is always professional making me feel like family.
Pioneer Enterprises has set the standard for property manager’s expectations very high. I have recommended them several times never to be disappointed.

Tiffany J.

Pioneer comes highly recommended. These folks go above and beyond to give you piece of mind. I found them at a time when my renter refused to pay rents for 3 months. They took care of everything for me, found great and better qualified renters. I just collect a check. They literally take care of everything and communicate with me in a timely manner. I give them 5 stars +++

Deborah D.

You can’t do any better in Baltimore than working with Bobby and his team. They get tenants in my properties quickly and my rent checks arrive every month on time. They take a percentage, but it’s worth every dollar!


Pioneer Enterprises LLC has managed our rental investment property for now going on 10 years.  Primary reasons for our successful business relationship are top quality tenants, fixing on first effort any building maintenance problems and typical, as owner, reports from tenants of  professionalism of service staff at this  organization.

John E.

In 2011, my family received word that our next military move was to Minnesota, giving us just under 3 months to travel from Maryland.  Our stress levels were up and even more heightened due to the fact our home in Maryland would no longer be our primary residence causing us to sell or rent.  Selling the home was not an option given the state of the real estate market while putting the property up for rent in such a short time seemed impossible.  Attempting to rent the home on our own seemed dauntless and frustrating but all this changed within 2 days of speaking with Bobby Kandhari and his team. His team were professional and expedient in responding to all of our questions and concerns in putting many items to bed.  We vacated our residence on 27 October 2011 and by the time we arrived in Minnesota (some 1200 miles later) on 31 October, a new family had moved into our home in Maryland.  The experience was surreal as we truly felt blessed having Mr. Kandhari and his team at Pioneer Enterprises/Landlord solutions) in our corner for the next 5 years and 4 tenants later.

Five years later, we placed the Maryland home up for sale and Landlord solutions once again answered the call working all angles in the successful transition of ownership.  My piece of mind is sound due to their due diligence in exercising active/healthy communications especially through distress (ruptured pipes, electrical problems, flood and property damage during inclement weather), they treated me as a team-member and not a customer, however provided me and my family and our tenants with exceptional world-class customer service.

My family will forever be indebted to the level of professionalism and support received and experienced by Mr. Kandhari and the Landlord Solutions organization.

Sheon Hunte

I have been an owner of a couple of properties in the Brooklyn, Maryland area for 14 years. I managed the properties myself for the first seven out of the 14 years. Having myself handle my property business, wasn’t, let’s say the most efficient… However, Pioneer has been a real gem for the last 7 years managing the properties.

The staff is kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. I have been very pleased with their professionalism, attitude, and exceptional service. Pioneer has a number of service and repair vendors so any issue is addressed promptly. Each month I receive a statement with copies of invoices so I get a clear picture of what is happening with my property. If  I ever have a question, I know that I can email or call to get my answer.

Pioneer offers another ingredient which distinguishes it from the run-of-the-mill property management firm: genuine concern and attention to the owner’s interests and financial well-being.

I unqualifiedly recommend Pioneer Enterprise for all property management needs.

If  I ever have a question, I know that I can email or call to get my answer.

Shaw Rahman, Property Owner