Rental Property Inspection

Being a landlord it’s your job and responsibility to inspect your Baltimore rental property regularly. Rental property inspection is an important part of maintaining and managing a rental property. Even the professional property management companies in Baltimore do so. No matter how valuable and great tenants you have, property inspection should be a part of your property management routine, which can help you in solving big problems. You can know when and where repair work is required.

This will also indicate to the tenants the type of condition you want the property to be returned in. After all, if the landlord will not take care of his property, why the tenants would? When they will see you are not caring about your own property, then they will also not. Hence, it’s important to inspect your property from time to time.

A great landlord-tenant relationship is needed when it comes to cooperating for property inspection. Although it’s important to inspect the property, the landlord should not violate tenants’ privacy while doing so. Here in this article, we will tell you about the importance of rental property inspection and also what to do and what not to do. The type of property inspections to make the process easier for you.

What is Rental Property Inspection?

Before heading to the tips and ideas of rental property inspection, we must know what property inspection is all about. Experts say that rental property inspection is the process to check the condition of your property. You can track the condition of the property.

The process involves the property manager or the landlord himself reviewing the property’s interior and exterior to access the condition of the property. Inspection should be done in the presence of the tenants so that they can be notified about the conditions of the property.

Before a tenant move into the property, the inspection should be done in his or her presence. This way, you both can review the condition of the property before the tenant move-in and can set the expectation for the tenants to return the property in the same condition.

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Why Is Regular Rental Property Inspection Important?

Most landlords do not conduct a rental property inspection until the tenants themselves call them for an issue. But, they should understand the importance of doing property inspections regularly. Not only this helps you to know the condition of your property and keeping it in awesome condition but also tells a lot about the property and tenants’ behavior.

Here are the main advantages of inspecting your rental properties regularly: –

  • You can check if the tenants are violating the rules.
  • Review the condition of your rental unit.
  • Maintain your property value.
  • Check the validation of your property insurance
  • Look for the maintenance issues and get them fixed before they get worse.

Inspecting your property makes property maintenance easier for you. You can easily know when and what is needed to be fixed. When you know the importance of inspecting your Baltimore rental homes then let’s know when and how you should do it.

When to Perform Property Inspection and How Often?

Property management companies in Baltimore suggest performing property inspection mainly four times:-

  • Move-in Inspection
  • Move-out Inspection
  • Routine Inspection
  • Drive-by Inspection

Let’s understand the importance of all four types of property inspections and know what things to keep in mind.

Move-in Inspection

Inspecting your property while the tenants move in, is a good way to track the condition of the rental unit. You can show the condition of the property to your tenants and let them know your expectations from them for keeping the property in the same way as it is at the time of moving in.

While doing do you can make a checklist to do mark the things you are supposed to do before move-in. This will help both tenant and the landlord to keep a record of the property’s condition. You can also take pictures of the damage that needs to be fixed.

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Also, a move-in inspection provides you an opportunity to fix any previously unnoticed repairs before your tenants move in. This will help you build up a good and professional tenant-landlord relationship.

Move-out Inspection

It is important to search for new tenants immediately after your current tenants notify you that they are moving out. This way you will find new tenants before the current one will move out. But, before the current renters will move out it’s important to check the condition of your rental property.

Not only this will help you to know what is needed to be fixed but also check the damages that have been done by the tenants. You can check for the damages and deduct the maintenance cost from their security deposits.

Before doing inform your tenants that you want to inspect before they leave. But, don’t do it too early because most of the damages occur at the last minute of moving out. For ex- while moving their heavy furniture the hardwood floor will be easily get scratched. So, think wisely and inspect the property before tenants move out.

Routine Inspection

It’s the responsibility or duty of the landlords to keep the property well-maintained. Even if you have hired the tenants for your rental property you must keep up with the maintenance work. This should be done every 3 or six months. A routine inspection helps you the best in this regard.

With routine inspection, you can keep your property in top condition. You can look for any issues that are needed to be fixed immediately or should be fixed before they get worse. The tenants will also repair the damages caused by them.

Drive-by Inspection

As you will not be entering the premises so there’s no need to inform your tenants about your arrival. You can simply inspect the property from outside. This will help you to check the foundation damages and also to know whether everything is alright or is there anything that indicates a routine inspection.

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How Often Property Inspection Should Be Done?

Although this is the least liked chores for any landlord, a property inspection is advised to be done quarterly by every landlord.

How to Perform Rental Property Inspection?

It is important to do it in the right way. The day or time you are choosing, and what things you should consider while doing so, all are important to perform rental property inspections correctly.

  • Below are the things that you must do to inspect your rental property in Baltimore: –
  • Notify your tenants about property inspection either verbally or in writing
  • Explain to the tenants why this inspection is necessary
  • Encourage them to be at home on the inspection day
  • Do not take photographs of the personal items
  • Do not get involved in any conformation with your tenants

Walking through your Baltimore rental property with your tenant will help you to give advance notice of any deductions to your tenants. They will either fix the issues (caused by their negligence) on their own expenses or, you can deduct the cost from their security deposits.


Regular property inspection is an important part of your land-lordship. And if you think you won’t be able to handle that, then consider hiring a professional property management company in Baltimore. Not only they will keep your rental units well-maintained, but also help in handling tenant’s complaints and issues.