A Guide to Manage Routine Property Inspections in Baltimore

Being a landlord doesn’t mean only collecting rent from the tenants living in rental property in Baltimore, but there many other roles and responsibilities of a landlord. One important thing that you need to take care of is the maintenance of your rental property and that you can do by conducting regular inspection of the property.

It is really important to inspect your rental property during the term of tenancy. It’s not necessary that the tenants will be maintaining your property the way you are expecting from them. You may not be able to know the small issues early if you will not inspect your property regularly which later can turn into major headaches for you. So, this is the best way to detect any repair issues in the property and also it provides an opportunity the tenants to raise any concerns they might have.

What do you understand by routine inspection?

Before we will head to the answer of how to manage routine property inspection, first let us discuss about Routine Inspection. Property management companies in Baltimore inspect the rental property throughout the lease period to ensure there are no damages or any issues in the property. And if something needs to be repaired then they immediately fix the issue by calling the repairman. So, whether you have property manager or you yourself manage your property, you should conduct routine inspection of your property. But, you must be respectful towards the persons who are living in the property and don’t judge on how tidy surface are, rather ensure it is in a clean state with no damages.

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How often the landlord should conduct an inspection?

Experts recommend to perform a routine inspection at least two times a year to ensure the tenants are keeping the property well maintained. Well, each state has its own regulations which the landlord must follow even for conducting routine inspection. But, one should inspect his rental property every 3 months.

How much notice should tenants be given for an inspection?

Well, this too depends on state regulations, but the minimum notice period that the landlord should give to his tenants for inspection is 1 week. But, you can also give notice of 7-14 days. Some landlord also give notice of 24 hours prior to a routine inspection.

Things that landlord should look out for during the inspection

Routine Property Inspections in Baltimore

While inspecting the house or rental property you must look for the following things:-

  • Is the property neat and clean and well presented?
  • Are the smokes alarms in working conditions?
  • Check the lights and its switches.
  • Check the condition of the kitchen appliances and fittings
  • Check if the sinks or taps leaking?
  • Look for stains on the carpet and cracked tiles.
  • Check the door’s handles and lock.
  • Check for any large holes or marks in the walls
  • Make sure the garage is well organized and also check the lock.
  • Look for overhanging branches or trees that you need to be cut back.

Record the results of the inspection

After conducting the routine inspection it’s now time to make a brief report. You can summarize the condition of the property and any areas of concern that you might have found during the inspection. You have to do nothing but make a simple table, listing the rooms of the house and outdoor areas in one column. And good/bad label in the second column. If you want to repair something then taking a photo of it will be a good idea during the inspection. And do not forget to include in your report.

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What should I do afterwards?

If you found nothing to be repaired during the routine inspection and you are satisfied with the condition of your property then you can simply send a thank you note or email to your tenants.

And if there are major issues that needs to be repaired immediately then engage the right professionals to fix the issues.

If your tenants are not keeping your rental property to your standard then you can either discuss it with tenants during the inspection or can send them written instructions after the inspection process. But, remember that there are also chances of problems arising during the inspection. So, you will have to follow state law even while inspecting the property or, the following problems may arise during the inspection: –

Tenant can sue you for entering without permission

This is rare, but still there are chances that it could happen to you. Tenants have the right of having his own privacy and the landlord has no right to enter without giving a notice. You must inform your tenants of your arrival otherwise the tenant can take you to the court.

Tenant may disagrees with damages

Tenant may disagrees with damages

If the tenants found guilty for damaging the property then they will not get back their security deposit. And this is the reason tenants keep the property tidy and well-maintained. But, this is not the case with bad tenants, even if they will damage the property they will not agree to pay the damage cost, rather will argue with the landlord. If the damage occurred due to tenant’s negligence and is arguing it’s better to involve the lawyer.

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You may face such types of problems during the routine inspection this is why it is important to hire rental property management company in Baltimore.