Property Management Services

A Complete List of Property Management Services

Property management company is the administration of residential, commercial and industrial real estate including apartments and buildings etc. Landlords hire them for managing their rental and investment properties. In case you do not know what a rental property management company does then you can have a look on the below-mentioned the property management services offered by a property management company.

List of Property Management Services

Property Management Services
Property Management Services

Inspecting House

When you hire a property management company, they inspect your house to know whether there is requirement of repairs or not. They inspect the interior and exterior of the property to manage it well.

Repair and Maintenance

They provide a crew to maintain the property. They make repairs and maintain the property in well manner. Interior and exterior both are managed by them.


They advertise your property to hire the right tenant for your property. They know the right places to advertise your property by both online and offline.

Set Rental Charges

Property management company sets the right rental charges for your property according to the value of your property and the area’s demand where the property is located.

Find Tenants

Using application form and advertising the property at the right place they find the right and higher quality tenants for your property.

Screening Tenants

They have links and connections to screening tenants. Property managers perform background check to verify identity, credit history, income and etc. and also talk to previous landlord for reason of eviction.

Lease Agreement

They handle everything in legal manner. So; make a rental/lease agreement that includes names of the tenants, rules, terms and conditions, and much more. And give one copy to the landlord and the other to the tenant to avoid any confusion in future.

Rent Collection

Property managers collect the rent positively on the due date. And if the tenants fail to pay the rent on time then they take strict actions against them or even evict them. They collect the rent and credit it on your account.


In case the tenants are breaking the rules or not paying the rent on time then they evict the tenant from the property. They coordinate with law enforcement to remove tenant or tenant’s possessions from the property.

This list may give you an idea that how a property management company works and what kind of services they provide you. You can hire Baltimore property management company if you are a resident of Baltimore or anywhere in USA. There are experienced and reliable companies. They can help you to manage your property in great way and also provide a tension-free landlordship.

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