10 Issues Landlords Should Address

So, you are preparing your rental for the new tenants to move in. Congratulations! Because finding good tenants is really challenging. And when you have finally found your dream tenants, what sort of changes are you going to make?

Do you think only the fresh coat of paint will help you to keep your property occupied for longer? Well, moving into a new property is a stressful event for both the tenant and landlord. Before tenants move in, it is important to address a few issues that will make the move-in process easier and smoother.

We have made a list of the 10 issues that must be addressed before the occupants move in. Check out the list and make your own checklist so that you can make the move-in transition easier and ensure you do not miss anything important.

1) Repair any damages

If your property was vacant for a long time, then you need to look for damages. Due to bad weather conditions, your property may get damaged, or any other things can also cause damage. Hence, whether it was occupied or not, check for damages and repair any health and safety issues.

The damages can include anything from a hole in the walls to a damaged roof etc. Check everything carefully and look for other issues related to safety and health. For safety purposes, you must check the door locks and windows to ensure everything is in good condition. Check the smoke detectors are working properly.

And when it comes to health issues, then look for the signs of mold and pests too. Get pest control done before the tenants move in. Ensure the house is completely safe and good to live in.

2) Clean the property

Being a landlord, it’s your obligation to hand over the property to the occupants in safe and habitable condition. Also, cleanliness is very important when you are doing an apartment turnover. This means when tenants were already living in the unit, then it becomes necessary to clean the residence. Ensure the unit is thoroughly cleaned, especially the areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

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Hire a professional cleaner to deep cleanse your house or disinfect it. You can vacuum or sweep to remove any dirt, but it is always good to get professional cleaners to disinfect or deep clean the house.

3) Check for any heat, plumbing, and electrical issues

It’s not only about giving a neat and clean house to your tenants, but also a furnished home. Check the appliances you are providing are in good condition. Check the heat works in all rooms, if not working then repair or change it. Ensure there are no clogs and also no leaks in plumbing.

Inspect all the rooms and check lights and fixtures. Call an electrician and get all the problems fixed before the tenants move in. Because all these things are necessities for a quality of life.

4) Get the lease agreement signed by tenants

Before the occupants will move in, a lease or rental agreement should be signed by them. You can take the help of professional property managers for this, or you can check the format of the rental agreement online to get one for your rental. Mention everything on the agreement. Create some rules and regulations for the tenants that they will have to follow. Explain everything to your tenants. Answer their questions if they have any doubts. Once you are done with this, you and your renter should sign the agreement.

5) Collect a security deposit

Before the tenants move in, collect the first month’s rent and also the security deposit, which is equal to one month’s rental amount.

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6) Do move-in inspection

As we all know, property inspection is very important. The landlord should inspect the property four times, amongst which move-in inspection is essential. Not only this will help you to check damages and repair them before time, but also you can show your tenants the condition of your property. And inform them that you want it in the same condition when they will move out.

7) Change locks

Of course, nobody wants to have their house’s keys in someone else’s hand. The previous occupants may have the extra keys with themselves. Hence, it’s really important to ensure your tenants’ safety by changing the door locks. Just spend a few bucks and avoid any issues.

8) Make a move-in checklist

Having a move-in checklist is very important. When your tenants will move into the property, then you should carry this checklist along with you. The checklist will describe each room’s condition and the property as a whole. You can show your tenants the condition of the property and mark it on your checklist. Later, get it signed by your tenants and date the checklist. This will help you to compare the condition of your rental unit at the time of tenant’s move-in with the condition of the unit when tenants move out.

9) Provide emergency numbers to the tenants

You should always be approachable to tenants when they need you. They may need your help during the occupancy. Provide them a number that you can answer during business hours from 9 am to 5 pm. But, also provide them an emergency number that they can use in case of any emergency. Ask them to call on that number when it is absolutely important. Also, you will know if they are reaching you through that number, this means it’s a serious matter, so you will be available immediately.

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10) Fulfill any specific tenant requests

Sometimes the tenant may have a specific request or requirements that you can fulfill. Some of those requirements include: –

  • Having the apartment painted with a certain color
  • Having a pet with themselves
  • Installing any specific appliances like a dishwasher

So, any of these things your tenants could request you to do. If you have found your dream tenants, then you cannot take a chance to lose them. So, take the appropriate steps to accommodate the tenants in your Baltimore rental homes. And if you think the tenants are more demanding, then it’s up to you to decide if you would like to hire them.

In Conclusion

It’s your obligation to provide a good rental unit in habitable condition to your tenants. This is why it is important to keep your property well-maintained, either by yourself or with the help of a property management company in Baltimore. And also address all such issues that we have just discussed above before tenants move in.